Tips For Choosing A Custom Furniture Manufacturer

You've probably heard a lot about the benefits of custom furniture, but what are the steps you need to take before you purchase a unique piece of furniture? This article looks at some things you should consider.

Does the manufacturer have a track record

The first place to start when picking a piece of custom made furniture is to find a manufacturer. Since custom furniture is completely bespoke, you need to choose a manufacturer with a track record of creating great pieces of furniture. Questions to ask the manufacturer include how long they have been established, do they have previous works to show you and who else have they worked with. The best manufacturers will pass all these questions with good answers. If possible, try to ask a previous client to see the piece of furniture they had made. Closely examine the condition of this to make sure it can stand the test of time and won't fall apart.

What is their vision

The next step is to see if your chosen manufacturer can match your vision for a good finished piece of furniture. They need to match your stylistic views, otherwise, you could end up with a piece of custom furniture that doesn't look how you wanted or doesn't match the existing look of your room.

To answer this, discuss design inspiration with the manufacturer. Get them to show you what kinds of designs they are inspired by and what they aim to achieve. How do their views compare to yours? Make sure you are both a good fit when it comes to stylistic choices.

See their previous works

It's important to know if your chosen manufacturer can design and build custom furniture that lasts for many years to come. Ask them who else they have worked with. Find out if you can see previous works. How long have they been established for? What was their first piece, and is it still in good condition? Custom furniture is expensive so make sure it will last a long time, or it's like throwing money away. You wouldn't want to be hit with expensive repair bills if the piece fell apart!

Can their work handle your lifestyle?

Custom furniture can vary greatly in build quality. Some are designed purely as a way to add something good looking to the room rather than being functional. If you lead an active lifestyle or have kids, these pieces are not ideal at all because they could easily fall apart. On the other hand, a functional piece of furniture may not convey the image you were looking for. If you have spent a lot of money on a bespoke piece of furniture, shouldn't it look unique, elegant and special? What ever your view, it's a good idea to ask what kinds of pieces your chosen manufacturer usually creates and whether this fits in with what you are looking to achieve. If it does, fantastic! However if not, it may be better to choose a different manufacturer or widen your search for one.


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