Designer Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are a great way to decorate any new space or even spruce up an existing interior. There are several furniture stores and professional window treatment workrooms that offer a large variety of design concepts, help you with fabric choices and help in fabricating the various elements that go into the making of window treatments. They also provide all the hardware and the actual installation is also handled by them. Some creative people end up making their own window treatments as well but custom-made ones tend to have a more finished look.

A variety of treatments
There are a variety of treatments that you can choose from and home décor stores can help you with different styles and the latest trends.

• Swags and side panels- Swags are a soft-top dressing that is constructed by overlapping semicircles of drapes which are generally fringed. These may be arranged artistically over a designer drapery pole or on a valance board. The treatment is finished at both ends with vertically pleated fabric called a jabot. This has a diagonal hem that drops around 1/3 of the length of the side panel. This is generally used over contrasting or matching side panels and can be used individually to add dimension to the top of any window. This treatment adds an elegant look to a formal room.

• Cornice with draperies- This is a hard, upholstered treatment that is constructed on a box-like base which is usually made of plywood. It covers the top of blinds, curtains or even bare windows. Similar to a swag treatment, it is used over contrasting or matching draperies or side panels that can cover the window completely when they are drawn. It can also be used as a standalone piece. The bottom edge of this cornice can be softly curved, straight or scalloped and can be matched to the mood of the home décor. A cornice that has side panels adds a very finished look to custom window treatments.

• Plantation shutters- These are named as they originated from the Old South. They have wide vanes and provide ample ventilation, maintain privacy and provide effective light-control. They tend to be expensive initially but are long-lasting and easy to maintain and thus are a cost-effective option in the long run. They add emphasis to the structure of the window. They can be stained to match the woodwork in the room or painted to complement the color of the walls. They provide a classic country cottage look or a tropical one.

• Austrian Valance- Sheer Austrian valance that is made of curtain material that has been pleated at regular intervals creates a very romantic ambience. This should be combined with floor-length, sheer fabric curtains. The entire effect is that of luminescence and light and creates a very dreamy ambience. This treatment is the ideal choice for a dressing room or a bedroom.

There is no fixed rule about how any window treatment should look. You can create your own unique design and match it with the décor in the room. It is not always possible to refurbish the entire room frequently but you can easily create works of art around your windows in your own special style.

By: Vikram Kumar

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